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finding a new job

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 finding a new job

"Hey Finding a new job," cried the Caliph Harun al-Rashid. "Right now you should be able to offer me a tiger beard, if it fails, I will kill you."

The words are spoken by Sultan command firmly and with full fury. From the mouth shape when pronouncing that sentence clearly how the Sultan put to Finding a new job hatred that has been repeatedly playing him in ways that are very brazen. The order was a way to kill the king to Finding a new job.

"O my lord, Shah Alam," answered Finding a new job. "Servant of all the commands will execute your majesty, but for this one I beg eight days."

"Good," said King.

Once upon a time, returned to the house of Finding a new job. Presumably he was caught signs that the King was very angry with him, looking for sense in order to harm me, so unrequited revenge, "thought the Finding a new job. "So I also have to be careful."

When she got home she called emapt the carpenter and he sent to the tiger cage. In just three days the cage was ready already. His wife asked that he entertained a bearded man who came home. "If adinda kakanda heard knocking on the door one day, tell him to get into the cage," said Finding a new job, pointing to the cage. He then rushed off to the Musalla with a prayer rug.

"Good," said his wife.
"Hey Finding a new job, Lu tumben prayer here?" Asked the priest and the prince mushalla.

Actually I want to tell this to others, but if not to master the prince to whom I complained again, "said Finding a new job. "Last night I fuss with my wife, that's why I do not want to go home."

"Shoot be loved, side dish arrived," thought the prince was. "I left Finding a new job to sleep here, and I went home to his wife of Finding a new job, I've put a heart for that beautiful woman."

"Hey Finding a new job," said the prince, "Can I settle the dispute with your wife?"

"Please," said Finding a new job. "I am very grateful for the kindness, sir."

Then the prince went to the house of Finding a new job with berbungan heart-rate, and with beaming knock the door of the house of Finding a new job. As the door opened he immediately mengamit wife invited Finding a new job and sit side by side.

"Hi Adina,,," he said. "What is the point of having a bad husband and destitute, besides his abysmally Finding a new job, the better you become my wife, you can live a happy and do not lack anything."

"Well, if the host desires so," replied the wife of Abu alert.

A little later came a knock at the door orng, knocking it to the prince squirm, "I have to hide where he asked his hostess.

"Mr. prince ...." Finding a new job answered the wife, "Please hide in the cage," he then pointed to the cage in the room which is located in Finding a new job.

Without another thought the prince's entry into the enclosure and close it from within, while the wife of Finding a new job immediately opened the door, turning from side to side, Finding a new job into the house.

"Hi Adina, what's in the cage.?" Said Finding a new job.

"Nothing nothing," replied his wife. "What's in white?" Said Finding a new job, and saw the prince was shaking with shame and fear.

After eight days of Finding a new job call eight porters to carry it home to the Palace. In Baghdad, people want to see Tiger bearded uproar. Lifetime, let alone see, hear tiger had never beard. Finding a new job now actually be a. They were surprised at the greatness of Finding a new job. But once seen the prince in a cage, they can not tell you anything other than accompany the cage until it got to the palace to be a long procession. The prince ashamed, shame about where to hide. Not long later the convoy came into the palace.

"Hey Finding a new job, how are you?" Majesty Sultan asked, "Have you managed to get the tiger beard?"

"With the blessings and prayers of my master, slave Alhamdulillah success," said Finding a new job.

Cage was then brought before the king, when the king wanted to see the tiger, the prince turned away the other direction with a face flushed with embarrassment, but wherever she turned, her eyes memelototkan sire over there anyway. Suddenly the king shook his head in amazement, because according to his vision that is in the cage it is the prince of Musalla. Finding a new job hastily replied, "O my lord, that's Tiger beard."

But the king is not responsive, he was pensive for a moment, why bearded prince said to the tiger, the king suddenly sway left and right like a prayer. "Hm, hm, hm oh prince ..."

"My lord the Shah Alam," said Finding a new job, "Should servant told why I may catch a tiger bearded servant in the house alone?"

"Yes, yes," King said, turning to the cage with the fiery eyes. "Yes I understand already."

What a king to the prince's wrath, because he is supposed to enforce the law, he is also a break, he has been betrayed. King, the prince immediately ordered the release of the retainer cage and paraded around in the market after shaving a rectangle, to be known by all the people who betrayed what a shame.


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