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Regroup Your Measly Job Search and Get Your Name Out There!

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Do you feel it's time to regroup, review your job search strategy and refocus your efforts? You've found the perfect article... lucky you!

Are you not getting called in for interviews? Not sure if you're fishing with the right bait? I've got some pointers for you that will alleviate some of the mystery in your job search.

Focus your time on activities that will make the most impact.

Where are the fish biting these days? Not that companies aren't posting open positions in the local newspaper these days, but the trend is moving towards social media. I won't go into all the reasons why in this article, but just know you've got to focus a substantial effort on creating a professional presence in the most popular social media forums.

Think it's all fun and games? Not so! Many companies are posting positions in social media, and they are also discovering talent there, too. I can't say it enough: post your resume in the online job boards. Google the many online networking groups, and join a few. Discover the most popular social hangouts, and integrate yourself.

Use keyword-rich cover letters and resumes

I know you've heard this advice before, but if you're not getting called in for interviews the question that begs to be asked is, "Why?"

Here is a handy trick for cover letters I learned:

First, let's assume you have a job description handy (for example, you found a job posting online).

Now imagine your cover letter starts as any other, with the header (date, your name and address, and to whom the letter is addressed to) and greeting.

Up next is the trick to why this type of letter is so successful:

Write a brief, warm and personable introduction. You can Google many good examples online.

Then divide your piece of paper into 2 columns: Job Requirements, and My Qualifications.

Under the Job Requirements column, you will list the job requirements directly from the job posting, and using the same language the company has used, List these as bullet points.

Under the My Qualifications column, you will list how (as you may have guessed) your skills are "the answer" to what the position is asking for.

For example, if the position requires someone with a degree, place that as a bullet point in your Job Requirements column, and list your degree and years of experience in your My Qualifications column.

It's very important to list the most important bullet points first, then the less meaty requirements last. Even though this type of letter is very easy on the eyes, it's good to be considerate of your audience's time - they've got a lot of letters to review, and you want to make their job easy by placing the most important information first. Your letter may only get a quick glance, but that'll be enough!

Of course, it goes without saying - when you follow this template for your cover letters, you will automatically be customizing each cover letter and tailoring it to perfectly fit each position. And since we're on the topic of customization, your resume should follow suit. Don't ruin your chances with a drab resume tailing behind a fabulous cover letter.

Consider starting a blog

A blog? Really? Yes! Even if you're not what you'd consider a fabulous writer, you can always post meaningful articles that pertain to your occupation. Write an article or two about a recent seminar you attended, and how you think it will impact your future career. Believe me, this will get you noticed. Blogs appear on search engines, you know... and the HR types do indeed scout the search engines.

Make these tweaks, and I'm certain you'll be contacted more often. Best of luck to you in the job search!

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