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Bouncing Back When You're Unemployed

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It can be difficult when you've recently lost your job. Whether you've been laid off or quit your job for any particular reason, finding new work while you're unemployed can be a full time job in itself. Losing a job is both financially and emotionally draining to most families. In order to make the task of finding a job easier here are some things to stay focused on to help you get back on your feet quickly.

Take control of the situation

Taking control of your situation is the top priority in your job search. Consider opportunities to try out new skills and make new connections. It's important to plan and strategize yet it's also important to stay 'active' and in motion. If you stay in motion, active and connected you will have a greater chance of finding a new job or breaking into a new profession.

Next, when looking for new jobs make sure to tell all your friends. Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, to name a few, have made it very easy to keep your network of friends updated on your search.

Finally, take inventory of you assets. Who do you know? Where have you volunteered? And what skills do you have whether you were paid for them or used them in volunteer services?

Stay busy while you job search

As you seek work, don't be afraid to do in-between jobs such as waiting tables, delivering newspapers or bartending at night. Any of these jobs would be ideal because they allow you to have an income and provide the flexible schedule for you to look for permanent work during the day. If you have skills put them to profitable use. When you are working you are more likely to find a job when someone sees you actively out there. It increases the chances of you finding a solid line of work.

Find help

The next thing you do is ask for help; ask for opportunities to be involved with projects - even if it's for experience. Consider positions in which you are "underemployed" that may lead to greater opportunities. Again, remember when you're employed is the best time to search for the connection and skills to bring your salary back to the level you are seeking.

While doing your own legwork it is important to remember there are services available that can help you find work. The best way to find work is to remain open to various opportunities and interests.

Online classes and webinars can also help you. Many of the webinars are offered at no charge and can help you refine and learn new skills while searching for a job.

Dealing with your unemployment situation all comes down to your ability to stay focused on what needs to be done. Don't dwell on what happened, move onto where you are now, and find a way to get to where you want to be.

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