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Changing Dynamics of Jobs Today

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As a career counselor, career guidance professional, and HR professional who has hired or placed 1,340+ professionals, my source for many articles come from clients.

This article is generated by personal observation in the marketplace. It shouldn't surprise you that one of my focuses is staffing and placement. From both a corporate and professional services acumen, I've observed the market and changing trends.

In a corporate environment, I directed hiring for departments with specific titles and specific responsibilities. For example, a Financial Analyst II did specific tasks, performed specific functions, and had defined outputs. A Financial Analyst III had other tasks at a higher level and functioned within specific job functions. To be hired in a specific position meant the individual functioned in the specific position.

This scenario was evident in technology, engineering, and most other fields: Employees with the same title performed specific area of tasks.

With the down-turn in the economy, departments lost budget and lost personnel, but still the department had to maintain a certain level of output.

The solution that firms are utilizing today is combining several positions into one job. If the company can fill two positions with one hire, this is a bottom-line improvement.

Today, several firms will combine three functions into one new hire and new hire consideration will only be given if all three requirements are met.

This makes a job search more difficult that ever before. It's doubtful this "combining of positions" will change in the future. In fact, research indicates this trend will only intensify. No one will go back to old-hiring practices

How should you combat this trend? If you are still employed and your department is using this scenario, request training for the new technology / demands are offered. You also may go to a job board and see if other companies are doing the same with job requirements. You must be pro-active and you need to update your background.

If you are seeking employment and are not getting any traction in your area of specialization, go to job boards, ask recruiting firms, find people in the industry and determine if job-dynamics and "piling on responsibilities" is keeping you out of a job.

If this is the case, show your defined expertise, take an introductory class or training, modify your resume and get on with your job search. Then be able to share your knowledge with the correct hiring manager in a target company.

If two things stand out in job searching today, they are tenacity and adaptability. Tenacity will be defined for not being discouraged, and adaptability for taking the needed training to fit the new requirement.

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