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Cover Letter Logic - Does a Single Mom Re-Entering the Workforce Need a Cover Letter?

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In this day when it's so easy to attach and send your resume to the next employer where you're applying for a job, you'd think a quick email would do it. And to be honest, it could. If your quick email message makes a statement, an email could be considered to be a cover letter, and I've accepted many messages as cover letters. But, if you're really wanting the job, and you know how important that job is to your future, you're going to make the extra effort to write a high-impact, quality cover letter that impacts the reader, invokes emotion and drives the hiring agent to the telephone to schedule an appointment to interview you.

Yes, your cover letter can have that much impact.

A Single Mom Re-Entering the Workforce -

She's got a full plate, raising her children, living a life that matters, and finding purpose and direction for her professional career. She's got it. She understands the power of having a career, working for a living and raising children in a world where she isn't the accepted norm. So, what difference can it make whether or not she writes a cover letter to the reader of her resume?

The person reading her resume may not know that she understands the value of having a well-paid career, if she doesn't tell him.

Dear Prospective Employer:

It is an honor to know that you're looking for an employee such as myself to fill this position. I understand the importance such an employee holds in your company and I realize the care you're taking to select the right person.

My life experience tells me, I'm that person. You see, I felt becoming a parent was so important to my life that I took a little time away from my developing career to have my children, because they deserved my undivided attention. Now that my children have started pre-school, I'm ready to step back into the work force and give my job 100% of me. Because this position is well paid, I'm able to afford great child care, so I won't be worried about my children while I'm working, and I'll be even more willing to do what is required while I'm working.

I've taken a few classes recently, in expectation of my return to the professional field, and I'm so excited to let you know that I am reading and willing to learn whatever is required to fill this position.

Thank you for your consideration.

New Employee

A new mom, re-entering the work force not only NEEDS a cover letter, but her cover letter should tell a prospective employer the strengths she brings to position. It should appeal to the professional and grab the emotional attention of the hiring agent, by letting him or her know the value she brings to the business.

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