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Job Placement in Sweden

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As everybody knows, Sweden is one of the most developed and successful countries in Europe. A lot of people, regardless the nationality, want to find a job there. It may be possible with the knowledge of all principles of employment in Sweden.

How to find work in Sweden

Everybody, who wants to find work in Sweden, must have a work permit. In order not to encounter problems in job placement, permit issued prior to departure. In the case of obtaining the work permit in Sweden, all information recorded to the passport. If you are going to Sweden less than three months it's necessary to get a visa. All those, who are going to stay in Sweden more than three months, must have a residence permit.

The easiest way to find a job is in the south Sweden and Stockholm. You have more chances to find a job in the big city than in the small.

Work permit in Sweden

Usually, a work permit in Sweden is valid for not more than eighteen months. However, there are exceptions in the form of exchange if this work is carried out on the international level. In such cases terms could reach even four years.

Work permit in Sweden is valid only for that specialty, which was originally proposed by the employer.

Work permit is not required to scientists or teachers, who were invited for working in the higher educational institutions to lecture or teach for up to three months for one year. In such case it's just enough to get visa. Students and scientists fill the questionnaire on a special form.

Permit for a seasonal work

For those, who wants to go to Sweden for a short period of time for harvesting fruits, vegetables or berries in the Swedish farm, requires a work permit. Permit for seasonal work is issued to people over 18 years.

Documents for work in Sweden

By the time you arrive in Sweden the housing for you should be prepared. You must have a written invitation to work with you. Swedish employer could get it in the employment office. The invitation must be attached to the application.

All documents shall be in duplicate. You must necessary have three colored photos, domestic and foreign passports and copies of all completed pages of passport.

Preparation of all documents for work in Sweden takes up to 2 months.

You employer, among other things, must ensure that the level of your salary will comply the Swedish labor law. According to the current contracts, your month salary shouldn't be less than 13000 SEK.

First of all, you must be sure in yourself and use all chances to find work in such great, stable and perspective country. Everything depends only on your willingness and commitment!

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