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How to Prepare for a Dream Job Interview

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After writing a captivating CV and invited for a job interview, it's that time you should prepare for the interview. You will have a perfect opportunity to land your dream job if you are fully ready to give good interview answers. Below are useful interview tips for prospective employees

1. Know the company

Showing knowledge about the company interviewing you presents you with some credibility. It is disastrous to enter an interview room without a clue about the company you are vying to work for. If you have at least some knowledge about the company, you will surely give good interview answers. Make sure that you have some knowledge about the company's mission, vision, current affairs and its core business. Knowing more about the company will give you an edge in giving good interview answers. Checking the company's website or checking with your network contacts will give you valuable information about the company.

2. Know about the job post

Finding out more about the job on offer is one of the best interview tips. You should attempt to tally your experiences and skills to the job description. Knowledge of the job requirements will help you understand the job itself and prepare you for it.

3. Know the place and venue and be on time

It is not proper for you arrive for an interview sweating and anxious, as that would make you disoriented. It is important to know the correct physical address and directions of the venue where the interview will take place. Arriving late for an interview will make you look confused and may lead you in not giving good interview answers. Arriving early for an interview is a one of the simplest and very effective interview techniques that will help you gain composure during the interview process.

Interview tips during an interview

When you are given a seat make sure you watch you posture and sit up straight without any fidgeting. Listening attentively is critical in a job interview. You have to listen and understand the whole question before you answer it audibly, and in a confident voice. It is not a good practice to ask the interviewer to repeat questions for you. One of the golden job interview techniques is to keep eye contact with the interviewer and maintain it through the interview.

What to do after an interview

Immediately after the interview, as one of golden job interview techniques, you should shake hands with everyone in the interview panel if possible, and thank them for their time. Later you can send a thank you note via an email or postal mail to the interviewer or panel of interviewers. A thank you note will highlight your professionalism, and also help in creating a stronger network of contacts, which is very important in today's corporate world.

You could make regular follow up calls to the interviewer or the person in charge, but do not become a burden. You could call three working days after the interview, if you are not contacted first. In the cause of your call, ask when you could call next, if you are told a hiring decision has not yet been made. If you are expecting a call from a prospective employer, you must stick to your phone like glue. You don't want to miss that call that can change your life story.

The corporate world is getting more complicated, as everything is getting virtual, and competition is on an upsurge. Businesses and employees altogether need to be more dynamic in order to climb to and remain at the top.

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