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Tips for Emailing Your Resume for a Job Application

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When it comes to applying for a job, one of the most common methods for doing so is to email your resume. It's easy, right? Long before the Internet and the job boards, it used to be that you would walk into a location, fill out an actual paper job application, submit your resume, and wait for a call for a job interview. Those days are gone. Walk into some locations today and the human resource manager will look at you funny. However, how you email your resume is going to make a big difference in whether or not it will get read.

Tips for Making It Easy

Before you email your resume to anyone, be sure you are putting your best foot forward. To do this, you will need to take into consideration a few key aspects.

• Be sure that it is easy to read. Open you resume and look at it. Is it easy to read, without huge blocks of text? Be sure that it is saving in the right way. Close it and then open it again to see how the reader will see it.

• Use only Microsoft Word or a PDF format. Other versions will not be easily downloaded by the hiring manager and that may cost you the position. You can often find free word processing programs that will actually save the material in these formats for you.

• Be sure the file name contains your name. Use your last name first, followed by your full first name. You may also want to put in the word "resume" into the fields to ensure it is easy to know what the document actually contains.

• Be sure to submit it with a message. You do not want to just submit your resume. You want to ensure that the hiring manager knows what positioning you are applying for. It is also a good idea to include a customized (to that company and that position) cover letter.

• Know who to send it to. When you email your resume, you want to make sure it is going to the right people. Don't sent it to a basic company email address. Rather, track down the human resource manager or other hiring manager instead.

By taking these steps, you ensure that when you email your resume, you are going to get it to the right person in the right manner. They will appreciate it and you'll have a better chance of scoring that job interview.

Todd Bavol is the President and CEO of Integrity Staffing Solutions. Integrity Staffing Solutions is a national staffing firm assisting individuals and corporations in making the right employment fit. To view job openings in Warehouse, Professional and Administrative positions, visit the Integrity Staffing Solutions web site at http://www.integritystaffing.com/.

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