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5 Daily Habits Every Job Seeker Should Be Doing

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Are you a job seeker? Are you looking for a job that can fill your needs financially and even help you to achieve your long term career goals? If so, you should be working towards that every single day. If you are actively looking for a job, then you already know the importance of being present on the job boards and working to connect with the right people professionally. Are you making it a habit to do so, though? What are the most important habits you can have as a job seeker in today's highly competitive job market?

#1 - Start The Day With Good Thoughts

Don't go into today with a negative outlook on the day. Yes, you still don't have a job, but you do have new opportunities right now for finding one. Wake up with the thought that today you will find the job you want.

#2 - Learn Something New

You may not be taking a new course to improve your job skills, but you can learn something and grow your abilities to do well in your industry on a daily basis. For example, if you want a human resource manager to think of you favorably when you go into an interview, you need to focus on reading the latest about your industry. You should be up to date on what's happening, what's needed and what key job candidates for a job like the one you want will have.

#3 - You Need to Plan

When you get your job search day started, you'll need to put a plan in place. Write down what you are going to do today to work towards finding a job. You may want to write down tasks that you will accomplish, such as finding and applying to five job openings. You may want to make two new connections through job networking sites.

#4 - Give Something To Someone

When you are searching for a job, you may find that it is a very "me" oriented process. You spend a lot of your time helping to encourage others to work with you, rather than offering anything to others. However, a great way to build your job network is to offer something to those who follow you. Even if it is just encouraging words.

#5 - You Focus

You'll need to focus on your job search as if it is your job right now. That means turning off the television, staying off the social media sites and working for several hours each day at finding a job.

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