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Hi John, I have sent an emai…

/ On : 7:48 AM/ Thank you for visiting my small blog here. If you wanted to discuss or have the question around this article, please contact me e-mail at atm.flexter@yahoo.com.

Hi John,

I have sent an email to the email you stated :-)

Thank you!

John Peerless said:

Sharon, My company OnMyWay.com can do everything you are looking for and a bit more. I can create a measurable impact by providing you with an immediate social presence and by posting all of your jobs automatically across the social grid (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Job Boards).

I am so confident that I can help you fill your open positions up to 50% faster by utilizing our social media recruitment solution, that I will give you a free trial to start hiring immediately with no strings attached.

We can integrate with any ATS and will automate the whole process using your rss feed if you have one.

Send me an email and we can discuss...


Sharon Hibble said:

I know what I want and what we all need and I am sure it exists but haven't a clue where to find it... An RS Feed from our website to all of our job boards and social media tools.  I post on several sites that then forward on to 20+ job boards as well as FB, LinkedIn and Twitter, however what I WANT to do is add ALL of the links to all of the sites I use (and could then use so many more) to the RS Feed and then all I have to do is post once to the website and it automatically RS Feeds it to all of the other links.  If it doesn't exist then somebody needs to invent it!  And if it does exist can somebody please enlighten me, pretty please :-)

In the event that this lovely tool doesn't exist then I am also deliberating about taking on help for these tasks.  Let us know how you get on Roni. x

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