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All About Physiotheraphy, OT and Rehabilitation Jobs

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Introduction Rehabilitation is a vast term that comprises of various sub sections. Physiotherapy and occupational therapy (OT) along with the speech language therapy and audiology are the main constituents of the 'rehabilitation processes'. The primary focus of the rehabilitation therapy is to help the patient to regain the strength and movement of the body, enabling him to lead a normal life style.

After a serious surgery, illness or injury, sometimes, the patients find it hard to recuperate. There are some congenital anomalies also in which the newborn is disabled and require assistance to perform routine chores. Helping such patients to regain the normal or near to normal life style is the main aim of rehabilitation therapy. The process helps not only in improvising the physical aspect but have positive effects on psychological, social and emotional spheres of the patients.

Job Profile of Physiotherapy, OT and Rehabilitation Assistants There are various study programs and courses that give certification to work as assistants in respective fields. Possessing a degree and relevant work experience helps in fetching lucrative jobs in physiotherapy, OT and rehabilitation sector. Generally, the 'rehabilitation assistants' work as a team in collaboration with other health care professionals like physicians, nurses etc. So, an attitude that is patient friendly and exhibits the qualities of a team player is best suited for the job. The job profile is quite vast and includes various kinds of physical and technical manoeuvres. The rehabilitation process comprises of various stages. The work area also differs as per the condition and requirement of the patient. Some patients are called to gyms or private clinics for carrying out exercises under professional supervision, while, some are advised a set of physical exercises which they can perform at home also. In some patients learning has to start from scratch like assisting them in bathing, eating, dressing etc. And there is also a section of patients that is unable to move, home visits are paid in such cases.

Remuneration and career scope There physiotherapy jobs are available in varied roles. Besides dealing directly with patients in various health establishments, rehabilitation assistants can also work in administration and programme conducting teams. This may include preparing and managing schedules for patients, dealing with proper maintenance of medical equipments and technical support, etc. The rehabilitation jobs are diverse.

They can start their career by joining hospitals, orthopaedic clinics, rehabilitation homes, nursing homes, residential care etc. Establishing private clinical practice is also an option but it usually covets higher investment. Young professionals can also choose to work on part time basis for various health functionaries.

The physiotherapists, occupational therapists and rehabilitation assistants' career options are vast and qualified professionals are in high demand in the medical world. Functional area can be chosen on the basis of personal interests and inclinations, e.g. newborn care, paediatric care, orthopaedic care, geriatric care etc.

Conclusion Possessing a basic instinct to serve people is an essential personal quality required for a successful rehabilitation professional. Flexibility and adaptability to long working hours is also required to survive in the challenging and competitive health care profession. Those who can work efficiently as team and find satisfaction in serving people have a bright future waiting ahead as rehabilitation assistants.

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