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An Employment Placement Firm Can Help You Find the Right Job

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When people start job hunting they often go through the familiar process of looking in print newspapers and online to find the right kind of companies to apply to. Then they will send out resumes and cover letters in the hopes that their resume will find its way to a hiring manager's desk. Some people will employ the services of a specialized recruiter that has contacts within the candidate's industry and can help the candidate to find the right job. But the idea of using an employment placement firm during a job hunt is not always considered. One of the misconceptions people have about employment agencies is that they only deal in temporary jobs. A staffing company has many opportunities and contacts that could lead to your next full-time job.

The primary benefit of using an employment placement firm is that staffing companies will want to hear your side of the story more often than employers will. Employers use a screening process that eliminates a certain segment of resumes from the process and that could eliminate you from ever having a chance to let an employer know what your full range of qualifications is. A staffing firm wants to talk to you and find out how your personality matches up with your qualifications. You will have the chance to explain your background and find out what kinds of changes you need to make to your resume or your cover letter to improve your chances of getting an interview in the future with other staffing companies or even with employers.

People who shun temporary positions are missing out on the upside of a temporary job. The temporary job can be your chance to audition for the company to see if you are full-time material. In many cases, only an employment placement firm can get you the chance at a temporary job. It is important to remember that almost any kind of job can start out as a temporary position. In some cases, the employer has a temporary need. But in other cases, the employer is trying to find just the right full-time employee.

An employment placement firm can also be a great place to work on your interview skills and get important job hunting advice. People sometimes forget that a staffing company can also be a job hunting resource. The next time you need someone to review your resume or give you advice on how to perform at an interview, consider going to a staffing agency and utilizing its staff of experts.

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Kelly said...

I can not believe it is still hard to find a job years after the stock market crash. It is comforting to know that a staffing firm will take in job seekers and give them the chance that a potential employer may of overlooked. I totally agree with your standpoint on temporary jobs/workers. If you can not find a full time position anywhere, it is a great option to get back into the work field. Many temporary workers can find full time positions where they are placed and end up making a career out of it.

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