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4 Must Do Activities for LinkedIn

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Having a LinkedIn profile is essential whether you are searching for a job or not. LinkedIn is a favorite site for headhunters!

Here are four must do activities for anyone who wants to get the most out of their LinkedIn profile.

1. Make sure you complete your profile in a way that complements your resume. You don't want your LinkedIn profile to duplicate your resume-just agree with it. Remember, LinkedIn profiles often come up high in the list when someone Googles your name. So you want your profile to make a positive first impression.

2. Make connections. When you first start out, look for people you already know on LinkedIn. Don't just ask any and everyone to connect with you. You could be seen as a spammer. Once you've connected with a few acquaintances, you can start looking for individuals with whom you want to connect who are "friends with a friend."

3. Embrace a giving attitude. LinkedIn revolves around the idea that it is more blessed to give than to receive. So give some positive recommendations to individuals who have joined your network. Provide specific details that demonstrated the worth of the person you are recommending (percentages, specific accomplishments, revenue figures, etc.). Many people will reciprocate. Of course, it is also acceptable to ask for recommendations as well.

4. Join a group. You can look for groups connected with your career or trade, alumni associations, and more. It's a solid way to establish yourself as an expert in your career. If you have the time and energy, you can start your own group. Otherwise, just start a discussion in one of the existing groups.

These four activities work together. They leverage your LinkedIn profile's ability to position you as an essential candidate to interview (and possibly hire). The first three activities take very little additional time once you have put them in place. The fourth activity is something worth continuing to invest some time in every week. You never know when a few minutes of group interaction could turn into the one thing that convinces an employer that you are worth calling.

Denise Rutledge assists clients with developing job hunting collateral, including resumes, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles. You may learn more about her services at http://landtheinterviewresumes.com/.

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