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Championing the Job Search

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As March Madness is upon us, it is time to heat up the job search and make the plays to lead you to a job you love.

The talk around town is all about the Final Four and the potential candidates. But this talk is not just about basketball; it is also about the job market. Applying for jobs and championing the job search involves a great deal of competition, and thus you have to be your very best to make it to the final four candidates.

Just like making it to the championship, landing your dream job involves dedication, determination, and hard work. The following tips are guaranteed to get you in top shape and become the #1 seed in the job search bracket.

Get in Shape. The competition to the top is fierce; therefore you need to be in your best shape to get there. Read up on the most recent news in your target career field and the latest job search trends. Network with other professionals and volunteer with organizations that are relevant to your goals. You might also consider starting a blog in your career field. This will not only gain you some attention but also increase your credibility in the professional world.
Get in the Game. Teams do not make it to the Final Four without complete dedication to the game. Searching for a job is a job in itself, and it must be your top priority. When looking for a job, you should spend about seven hours a day conducting research and completing applications. The payoff will come when you get the job you want.
Be a Team Player. Although it is hard work, the champions are those that are team players. Instead of thinking about only yourself and what you want out of an employer, think about what you can give the employer and how you will fit in with your potential colleagues. This is what hiring managers are looking for when they interview you.
Make it Happen. As the famous basketball player, Michael Jordan said, "Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen." Only you can make your career dreams come true, all you need is hard work and dedication to champion the job search.

Use the top four tips of job searching to make it past the "Final Four" candidates and into your dream job.

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